We are about to enter the month of Carnival (Feb 26th) to be exact. Cedar Ridge Carnival is a big deal. Another "Big Deal" is the Pet Shop raffle. This year students and families will be able to preview each weeks line-up in preparation of finding the pet of their dreams. On Mondays, we will announce the names of the Pets to be displayed in the CR lobby Show case.
On Friday's we will release their Bio's. The First 5 will be show cased on 2/1.
Today the Kids are actually getting a "sneak Preview" of Ellie the Elephant at school.

Stay tuned for "Sneak Peaks" and details on each of the adoptee's over the coming weeks. Good luck to all in the raffle. May your student find the "Pet Shop" animal of their dreams.
~The Cedar Ridge Carnival committee
Here's the week 1 Line-up:
2/1- Ellie- the elephant
2/2- Darth Bader
2/3- Gertie the giraffe
2/4-Rawley, the doxie
2/5-Perezoso, the sloth
Check out Week 2:
2/8-Marbles, the monkey
2/9-Rainbo, the my little pony
2/10, JackOsaurus, dino
2/11,Spike, the peacock
2/12, Hearts, the lion